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Distance Reiki Healing – The Key to Better Results

distance reiki healing

Distance Reiki is becoming increasingly popular. There are a number of good reasons for that. Reiki is considered to be very powerful when given by an experienced Reiki teacher. That being said, distance Reiki is also very effective, even for those who don’t have a lot of experience with Reiki. This article will describe what distance Reiki is, why it’s useful, and where you can go to get a session done.

Understand What Is Reiki

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To understand how distance Reiki works, we first need to understand what it is. Reiki is the universal energy field that exists around all living things, both plants and animals. It is the invisible energy that enables everything to function the way it does. According to the theory of Reiki, the life force that gives us life also gives power to perform physical healing, and Reiki is the method of using this energy for that purpose.

To understand distance Reiki healing, it’s important to know what its basic principle is. The basic idea is that the body reacts to physical stimuli in the same way it does to other physical stimuli. If you were to apply something cold to your hand, for instance, your body might warm up and cause some discomfort. You might also feel pain. Reiki does this same thing, only it doesn’t disturb the body as it does the cold.

Doesn’t Happen Over The Internet Or Over A Phone

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This same concept applies to distance Reiki, only it doesn’t happen over the internet or over a phone. Instead, Reiki is experienced and transmitted via “distance”. Reiki practitioners are able to see and sense the energy fields all over us, but they can’t actually “heal” us just by looking at us. That’s because the practitioner needs to be right next to us, or standing next to us, or be actually right next to us while we’re receiving the Reiki treatment. That’s the best healing good news there is.

As an alternative to long sessions over the internet or through another medium, Reiki distance sessions are much more convenient. Reiki sessions can be had over the telephone or through the internet, with a telephone call, or through email messages. Simply deciding to take a few Reiki distance sessions here and there is the best healing process, since Reiki is best treated as a “distant heal” over long distances.


Just like a long distant session over the internet, Reiki distance work can be self-paced, meaning that the practitioner can set his or her own pace. If the practitioner chooses to do a session while someone else is at the same location, the session can be split up evenly between the two people. For those who prefer not to be around others during the treatment, there are also recorded sessions that can be played in the background. Even if the practitioner wants to continue his or her session alone at the computer, he or she can still do so, and the Reiki distance work will still be done exactly as he or she desires it to be.

Bottom Lines

Physical proximity, then, is key to obtaining the best results from Reiki. And Reiki masters know just where to find physical proximity in order to tap into the Reiki frequencies that are already there in the energy field, ready to be given out when the person is ready. It is this knowledge that makes the distance form of Reiki so different and more effective than the form of Reiki that occurs over the same location. It is for this reason that many practitioners of Reiki, and their Masters, will only perform distance Reiki healing.

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