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Get Guided Reiki Distance Healing And How To Send Healing Energy

guided reiki distance healing

Reiki is a famous form of healing energy, which was originated in Japan. It is a traditional method of sending healing energy through hands by the practitioner to the patient’s body. The reiki technique needs a lot of practice and focus, so it is not an easy technique, but once you master it, you can send healing energy to anyone. The patient feels warmth coming out of your hand when you send the reiki energy. The patient may feel magnetic energy and tingling when the Reiki moves inside their body and start working. However, in some cases, the patient may not feel the physical sensation of Reiki but can see the after-effects. So, in this article, you will get to know about guided reiki distance healing and how to send this energy.

Can You Send Reiki From Distance

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People think that Reiki can be sent only personally through hends, but it is not true. A lot of reiki experts can send the Reiki even from a distance to the patient. According to experts, Reiki is universal energy, which every human can collect. For example, if you are hugging someone in your mind, then you are sending some energy to them. Just like that reiki practitioner can send the healing energy even from a distance. Moreover, Reiki is very strong energy and has a good intention, so it can easily be transmitted to the patient, and the patient can heal himself by this healing energy.

How To Send Healing Energy

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According to science and its research, everything is made up of energy, and we can shift our thoughts and feelings through this energy. Therefore, when we think about something, we affect the nature of the object, so we indirectly affect our environment with our thoughts. So we can use our thoughts and feelings to send healing energy at a distance. You need to have a strong emotional state and have positive energy to send healing energy to someone through your thoughts. You can see the healing energy as white light.

Send Someone Reiki Without Letting Them Know

If you are the one who is sending some energy, then you can send the energy wherever you want as per your will. It is not sure if the energy reaches the person or not, so it is better if you ask the permission of the person while sending the Reiki energy. Once you get the permission, there are high chances of him getting the Reiki and start healing. However, sending Reiki without permission will not cause any harm, but it will not be much effective. If both the receiver and transmitter have a good intention, reiki energy will give you the best results.

Ending Line

To send the reiki energy, you have to practice a lot of things in your body. Reiki energy involves your emotional state, so you must be mentally positive to send the healing energy. Even for receiving the healing energy and getting the best results, you should be calm and peaceful from the inside.

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