Healing With Energy Medicine By JoAnn Simmons

healing with energy medicine

Healing with Energy Medicine seeks to promote overall good health and well being. It is a holistic approach to disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. This modality uses the energy of the universe to heal the body and mind. Healing with Energy Healing is based on integrative medicine – a way of treating the whole person, which includes the physical, mental and emotional aspects.

Eleven Expert Contributors

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The Healing with Energy Approach (HEAL) was created by award winning author and researcher Dr. Ulrich R. Widmann, Ph.D. and includes eleven expert contributors from around the world. The authors team, consisting of eight members, offer insights into the role that emotions play in disease prevention and treatment. They also offer advice on self-healing and on how you can improve your self-healing skills through centering your life on positive emotions and positive energies.

The author teams include: Karen Blomberg, Ayurveda practitioner, University of Minnesota; Diana Albers, PhD, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine; Judith Sage, MA, editor in chief, Self Magazine; Pamela Spoorentz, MA, founder and president, Upstream Institute; and Robert Young, PhD, executive director, The International Healing Council. Each of these experts offers unique insight into the field of energy medicine. They also offer tips on self-healing, stress reduction, alternative medicine and incorporating cosmic order. Other contributors include: Daniel Webster, D.O., Emory University; Wendy Lewis, RN, East Texas College of Nursing; and Mark Twain, author and editor, Norton Adult Education.

Comprehensive Holistic Approach

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Healing With Energy Medicine helps individuals take care of themselves through a comprehensive holistic approach that promotes overall health. The modality encourages individuals to gain greater self-awareness, self-empowerment, confidence, and control over their lives. It also encourages individuals to become more aware of their own bodies, minds, emotions, and physical systems. This healing modality helps people to develop awareness about their relationships to their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and teaches them how to make informed decisions about their health and wellness. Individuals who embrace this modality also find it effective in improving their relationships and career satisfaction, overcoming stress and anxiety, and achieving optimal fitness and health.

This book describes a 12-step process that helps you to achieve overall health and wellness. It also provides an overview of energy medicine and an explanation of how the integrative approach differs from traditional medical approaches. The book has several pages that explain the basics of energy healing. It includes information about healing with touch, self-healing, and meditation. It has several important chapters that include: On the Path to Total Health and Wellness, Emotional Healing, Energy Medicine, and A Basic Guide to Wellness.

Touch Therapy

The third chapter in Healing With Energy focuses on touch. Touch therapy is a therapeutic method used in the practice of healing with energy that works to stimulate the body’s natural healing capabilities. Some practitioners believe that all illness and disease can be healed with the power of touch. Touch therapy involves using the hands or fingers in order to focus healing energy in the appropriate areas.

The author of Healing With Energy shares twelve life-transforming principles that enable individuals to heal themselves and enhance their quality of life. By utilizing these techniques and learning about energy, one can learn how to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit and create a positive outlook for daily life. The book describes the use of energy as a tool that can be used to reduce stress, anxiety, pain, depression, aging, and addiction.

Ending Lines

The Healing With Energy book offers an accessible format that anyone can understand and use to gain insight into energy medicine. This popular healing modality helps people to understand how healing with energy works and gives them the knowledge to help themselves improve their mental and physical health. It also introduces students to healing energies and teaches readers how to harness healing power on a daily basis.

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