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How to Find the Best Herbal Medicine Store

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Herbal medicine stores are a common sight in many cities and towns around the world. It is a great way to find everything that you need to care for your body. They carry a wide range of products, from vitamins to teas and they provide what many local drugstores cannot. They are also very helpful for those who are starting their own home based business by providing all the information they need to begin. With the rising cost of health care, including prescription drugs, natural treatments are becoming a more popular alternative.

An Overview

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Cinnabar, sold in herbal medicine stores, is one of the most popular herbs used as an anti-aging ingredient. It contains amino acids that help maintain healthy skin, hair and nail growth. Cinnabar is made from the root of the eucalyptus tree. It is often sold under the name Cinnabar. The most popular form of Cinnabar contains the mercuric sulfide compound.

Other herbs that can be purchased from retail outlets include Asparagus, Belladonna, Dandelion Root and Echinacea. It is important to understand how the ingredients in these herbal medicine products interact with each other and any medications that may be taken prior to using them together. Most retail outlets will have an Herbal Guide on their website for this information. If not, look for the information provided at the front of the product at the main page, or visit your local grocery stores mentioned in the paragraphs below.

Buying Tips 

Not all herbal medicine stores have a Herbal Guide, so it is important to ask questions about their ingredients prior to purchase. For example, is the ingredient listed as Mercaptan mentioned on the product label or has it been written on a bottle? If the ingredient has been written on the bottle, be sure to read the small print. Some manufacturers use fillers, dyes and preservatives in their products, which can affect the effectiveness of the herbal medicine. The information about fillers and preservatives will be located on the back of the bottle near the dosage indications. If the manufacturer has provided written notes, take note of the address and phone number for contact about any concerns or questions about their products.

When talking to representatives from various companies, be sure to ask about any potential interactions that may occur with your current medications. For example, if you are taking medication for high blood pressure, depression, asthma or allergies, you should be aware of the possible interactions between the herbal medicines and other prescription medications. For example, did you know that when combined, aspirin and nitroglycerin increase the risk of a stroke by almost fifty percent? Similarly, did you know that caffeine, as found in coffee, tea and colas, can increase the heart rate of individuals who take them, even when taken infrequently?

Go Online

One of the easiest ways to find herbal medicine information is to go to Google Scholars and search for “herbal medicine,” followed by the name of the journal it is published in. If you do not see a citation for the journal, you are free to use the citation generator provided by google scholar. This will generate a list of citations from pertinent sources, allowing you to check the reliability of the source(s) mentioned in the article.

When checking the reliability of the source cited in an article, be sure to see if they have provided links to relevant medical journals or articles (e.g., “Pediatrics” and “BMJ”). A “pediatric” publication would not be indicated as a source of information pertaining to alternative medicine use for children, yet it would be appropriate to see if they had references to pediatric journals. Finally, when using Google Scholars, it is helpful to check to see if the authors are professional scientists and not just amateurs. Many researchers are not trained in the use of laboratory techniques and end up publishing flawed, fraudulent studies, just to make a buck.


The last 20 years, prices for herbs has dramatically decreased. The best way to save money on herbal products is to buy them in bulk. Herbs can be purchased on the Internet or at local Chinese herbal medicine stores. However, bulk buying will save you money. Bulk buying will also allow you to purchase your favorite herbs in different forms such as tea, capsules, and tinctures.

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