How To Get A Favorable Outcome During Your Hypnotherapy Treatment -

How To Get A Favorable Outcome During Your Hypnotherapy Treatment

interesting placebo effects

The Placebo Effect is a psychological principle that states that we can create our own reality. In essence it is the idea that if we believe something to be true, it will actually make that reality true for us. In a way it is similar to the magic of the mind. This article will discuss some interesting placebo effects that you may not have even considered.

Placebo Effect

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One of the most well-known placebo effects is the “placebo effect”. This is exactly what it says, the treatment or medication has no medicinal qualities or abilities. It is purely a psychological tactic used by the therapist to help their patient feel better and function better. It is often used in conjunction with standard psychotherapy sessions.

The placebo effect can work in reverse as well. If a patient believes that they are treating their illness using the wrong form of treatment, then they will actually be treating themselves by self-medication. In this example, the patient may be consuming more alcohol or food to try and get better, when in fact it is having the opposite effect. This works especially well when the patient is suffering from depression or alcohol withdrawal. It has also been shown that patients who are suffering from cancer often suffer from an increase in stress levels which also works against them.

Explore All The Possible Routes

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There are many ways that the placebo effect can be triggered in a patient’s mind. In order to understand how it works it is essential to explore all the possible routes. The most common route is the hypnotist. Many hypnotherapists will encourage their patients to think positively during the session. Unfortunately the very things that are causing the patient to suffer from their condition in the first place can be the very things that they need to boost their morale.

In hypnotherapy a patient is placed into a relaxed trance like state. During the hypnosis state they will be open to suggestion. However, the therapist may use certain words or phrases that will act as triggers for the subconscious. For example, a phrase such as “I love you” can be used on the subconscious to bring about feelings of love and affection. By using the same trigger phrase again patients may find themselves feeling happier and less stressed out.

In some cases the same thing may happen to patients undergoing psychotherapy. In the case of psychotherapy the therapist can use a list of words such as “calm”, “relaxed”, “amazed”, etc. Again these words can have the desired affect on the patient and lead to an improvement in their mood. Although not every patient will see results from this process, it is clear that it can help some people.

Final Words

This was an interesting placebo effect but the results were purely cosmetic. The results do not prove that hypnotherapy works and indeed many medical practitioners are sceptical about the whole idea. However, this finding does support the argument that patients can be put under hypnosis without the aid of drugs. Hypnotherapy is also cheaper than taking prescription drugs. If you are interested in receiving hypnotherapy treatment, why not speak to your local hypnotherapist.

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