How To Use Crystals As A Form Of Reiki Healing

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Reiki healing is a powerful spiritual, physical and emotional discipline that originated in the U.S. in the 1980s. It has been shown to be effective in treating a wide variety of illnesses including depression, anxiety, pain, stress, fatigue, stress and low self-esteem. In addition, it has been shown to be safe and without negative side effects. However, like any other holistic or alternative medical practice, Reiki can be hard to learn. Anyone who wants to become a Reiki practitioner has to undergo training and follow specific steps to become certified as a Reiki healer.

Reiki is an all natural, non-invasive method of healing and therapeutic manipulation of the subtle natural energy that flows through all of us. The goal of Reiki is to promote relaxation and peace by focusing and attaining positive energy transfer to the person receiving the treatment. Reiki practitioners believe that by working with this universal energy that runs through all of us, we can heal ourselves and others.

Reiki is also known as energy healing, universal healing, or God’s healing. It uses an ancient form of laying-on of hands that allows those who receive the healing to interact with the Reiki healer directly through a trance-like state of relaxation.

Ancient Belief

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Reiki is based on the ancient belief that we have a connection to this energy. Since this energy can only be fully appreciated when it is moving around us, we must learn to relax so that we can feel its movement. This is why it is important for the Reiki practitioner to have a good sense of rhythm and relaxation while he or she works with the person receiving the treatment.

There are several ways to achieve a good sense of rhythm and relaxation. Practitioners can use breathing exercises, meditative techniques such as Yoga, relaxation tools such as massage and music, as well as deep relaxation techniques such as Yoga.

Reiki Healing Session

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A Reiki healing session can start with a simple relaxation and clearing of mind followed immediately by a light touch on the body. Practitioners may use a touch of Reiki in conjunction with other relaxation techniques. It can take up to thirty minutes for a Reiki healing session to be complete. During the healing process, energy transfer is done by using the practitioner’s hands or his or her own body to transfer energy from the environment to the recipient. The energy is thought to be coming from the earth, from the Reiki practitioner himself/herself, or from the person being healed.

Transferring Universal Energy

Reiki healing is usually done in a sitting position with the practitioner facing the recipient. Hands may be used to transfer energy or to place them on the recipient. The use of symbols is sometimes used to facilitate the process. One symbol for a particular part of the body can mean that area’s corresponding energy is to be concentrated. Some practitioners believe in using crystals to transfer universal energy. Crystals can also be used to focus negative energy away from the recipient.

Although some practitioners believe in chanting as a form of reiki, it is not actually necessary. The only requirement for reiki to work is relaxation. A person must be able to let go of worries and concerns, and must find time to relax and let the energy enter into the body so that the spiritual power can be awakened.

Special Tools Or Techniques

Like any other form of energy healing, reiki can be transmitted from one individual to another, but there are no special tools or techniques involved. However, if an ailment or physical damage results, it may be necessary to transfer reiki to another person who is not as open to receiving it as the first recipient. The practitioner can also choose to do this on his or her own. It is important for reiki to be received within the appropriate range of the recipient. For instance, if a healing method requires a recipient to be 12 feet from the healer, it would be very difficult to perform the treatment without being in that same range.

When you give someone positive energy for treatment, it will provide them with increased relaxation, increased energy and improved sleep. Positive energy enhances self-confidence and peace. It can also improve one’s mood and feelings. When you are relaxed and comfortable, you are more likely to open up to your surroundings and become more receptive to treatment.

Final Verdict

A person who sleeps better and gets more sleep is a person who has been properly cared for. Anyone can benefit from receiving reiki healing, although those who suffer from serious health conditions should consult their physician before trying this type of healing method.

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