Reiki And Distance Healing - What You Need To Know -

Reiki And Distance Healing – What You Need To Know

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While Reiki can cause some side effects like anxiety, depression, stress and panic attacks, it has been shown to have very little adverse health effects for the vast majority of people. The reason why Reiki is so widely accepted as an all natural therapy, even for those who might traditionally be considered to be suffering from other forms of illness, is because it has no known harmful side effects. This means that anyone can use this powerful, life-enhancing therapy without worrying about facing possible health problems.

Reiki and distance healing is based on the principle that the body can be stimulated by powerful, directed focused energy in order to clear away the negative energies that have accumulated over time. Although Reiki can cause some side effects like anxiety, depression, stress and panic attacks, it is generally reported that these effects are mild and will subside within a few hours. As such, you can expect to receive subtle, yet powerful, benefits from a session.

Understanding That All Forms Of Energy Healing Work

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Reiki and distance healing operate on the basic understanding that all forms of energy healing work on the same principals. That means, whatever the source of the healing, whether it be a stone, a crystal or an electromagnetic signal, the human or animal being is believed to channel positive, life enhancing energy into the recipient in order to help them heal. Reiki is based on the notion that any blockage or interruption of this transmission will result in the temporary or permanent weakening of the effect the healer is attempting to achieve. Reiki, therefore, works on the premise that illness is merely a physical barrier to be overcome by using the appropriate method of energy healing.

The basic principle of energy healing is the release and recovery of built up stress, which is why Reiki and other forms of energy work in cycles. One treatment with Reiki will typically not have a dramatic effect, however, when the cycle is broken with another session of New Moon healing, the desired results may dramatically change. This is why Reiki and other forms of energy work best when used in conjunction with other methods of healing such as prayer, visualization and exercise. With Reiki, for example, if you have a heavy load to lift in the next day’s shopping, a session might be just enough to let you relax for the next day, while a session at New Moon will enable you to complete all your shopping in one session.

The Effect You Wish To See Eliminated

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With Reiki and other forms of energy healing, your healing list will include both the type of illness and the severity of the effect you wish to see eliminated. If you are feeling particularly vulnerable, or if a painful memory is haunting you, then it may be worth a session where you can release your negative emotions through affirmation and visualizations. If you wish to rid your body of a specific type of ailment, for example, you might want to start with digestive problems before moving on to eyesight improvement, or to skin care. By choosing a special Reiki healing method for each specific ailment, you can ensure that your chosen method of healing is most effective. For example, Reiki for digestive problems will require more than just visualizations of healing while Reiki for a cut finger will only need you to focus on releasing negative emotions and then move on to the actual physical treatment.

A Reiki practitioner will also know what sort of energy to work on and in what order depending on the nature of the condition. When you have an illness, it is best to start with energy work that will deal with cleansing toxins, improving immunity and encouraging your immune system. After this initial period of healing, a session at New Moon will allow you to complete your work on your body’s tissues and eliminate blockages to energy. 

Maximum Benefits And The Most Powerful Effect

In most cases, an energy work attunement should take place on the same night as a Reiki session to ensure maximum benefits and the most powerful effect. If you are having difficulties making this happen on your own, contact a local Reiki practitioner and ask about the possibility of doing a distance healing session after an initial session of Reiki.

Another possibility when it comes to Reiki and distance is to use an attunement. During an attunement, the practitioner moves his or her hands along the meridians of the client’s body, just as they would during a session, but with a much smaller amount of energy. This enables the practitioner to reach deeper into the energy of the client’s body, just where it is most needed. Using an attunement is a great way to ensure that you will receive all the benefits of Reiki, whether you are just having one treatment for today, or you are using it in conjunction with another healing approach.


The best way to get the full benefits of Reiki and distance is to combine them with other natural remedies. Although Reiki and distance can be used independently, they work better together. People who practice Reiki in conjunction with other natural remedies are often more likely to notice and receive more benefit than those people who attempt to use Reiki without using other natural medicine. There are some people who will treat themselves with Reiki, and there are others who choose to have a different type of treatment for every day of the week. But by working with other holistic practitioners who are also practicing Reiki, you can get the maximum benefit from the energy of Reiki. Once you begin to experience its healing effects for yourself, you may decide that you want to treat yourself more often!

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