The Benefits of Reiki Distance Healing Using Stones -

The Benefits of Reiki Distance Healing Using Stones

reiki distance healing using stones

There has been a lot of interest in Reiki distance healing using stones recently. There have always been people who have used stones for healing, however, it is relatively new for Reiki to use stones in this way. This article will explain why Reiki distance healing using stones can be an effective method.

First of all, Reiki is an all around form of energy. It cannot be classified as spiritual or mental because it is not centered in any one thing. When we say that Reiki is all around us, we are actually saying that our bodies receive energies from everywhere around us. And these energies can come from the energy of the sun, the wind, our pets and other objects that we hold dear. These energies can combine and make one powerful force that can heal our bodies by harnessing it.

An Overview

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What do Reiki distance healing using stones have to offer? The healing power of Reiki stones actually has different properties than other forms of energy that we have. Most of us know that Reiki is a form of energy. This means that you can get several treatments of Reiki with out having to use more than one stone. The power of Reiki is actually similar to the healing power found in a quartz crystal.

Quartz crystals are the easiest to find, but they also the most expensive. These crystals are very powerful because they are capable of inducing an extremely deep trance into the mind. Once your mind is put into a trance, it can begin to heal itself. The problem with quartz crystal stones is that they are not normally found in nature. The Reiki master will have to travel into the spirit world and locate these stones.

Benefits Of Reiki Distance Healing

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What are some of the benefits of Reiki distance healing using stones? The best thing about Reiki stones is that they can be personalized. When Reiki master’s are able to imbue a patient with the energy from the stones that they are carrying around with them, they can then give this energy to the person that they are doing the healing for. This means that the person will feel less pain and their recovery rate will increase.

The biggest benefit that you will find with Reiki distance healing using Reiki stones is that the energy that is given to a person will be stronger if the stones are held close to the body. If you hold the stones far away from your body they will lose their effectiveness. Reiki masters have discovered that the stones should be held between the index finger and the thumb. This will allow the energy to flow more easily between the two fingers. Reiki stones that are held too tightly will limit the effectiveness and cause the stones to break.

As well as the energy that is given, Reiki masters have also found out that certain stones will cause negative feelings to people that they are working with. If you want a faster healing process then you do not want to have the Reiki Stone that is causing the negative energy. If you find that you are having problems you should stop using the stone immediately. It may be that there are other stones that are affecting your energy that need to be treated first. You should never force the issue, as it can cause the Reiki Stone to be affected.

In The End

Reiki distance healing using Reiki stones can be very rewarding for anyone that tries it. You will find that you get instant relief from pains and aches that you are suffering from. You will also find that your quality of life has greatly improved. You should always talk to a Reiki master when you are considering this form of distance healing. They will be able to advise you on the perfect way to use the stones so that you will get the best results possible.

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