The Power Of Distance Healing On Yourself – Reiki

distance healing on yourself reiki

It is a form of spiritual healing, which you can do on yourself. You can heal yourself from within. It is said that Reiki can help cure cancer, fatigue, depression, stress, blood pressure and many other ailments. It can also help alleviate pain and suffering.

There are many different ways you can receive distance healing. Reiki courses and distance programs are available for those who want to learn this method. The first thing you need to do is find a good Reiki teacher in your area. You can search online for them and make sure they are qualified.

Advice Of A Professional

You can also go through distance learning courses. There are many Reiki distance healing courses for you to choose from. However, you need to be careful that you only look at Reiki that is appropriate for your own personal needs. You do not want to waste money and time on Reiki courses that are not suited to your needs. It is important that you seek the advice of a professional before choosing a course.

In addition to distance learning, there are also many books you can buy on distance healing. Some of these books are more suited to specific needs, while others can help you in the whole healing process. A good book will cover the whole range of distance healing and help you understand it completely.

A Distance Healer

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You can also choose to be a distance healer. This is very similar to the idea of Reiki but instead of working with the practitioner in person, you are able to heal yourself by holding yourself open to the Reiki energy. This is a great way to get started because Reiki practitioners are usually very attuned to the energy you are placing into the body. They are also able to give you feedback on your body’s energy, which can help you make changes if necessary.

However, to become a distance healer, you do not have to learn all about Reiki. A good distance practitioner will already have this knowledge. It will simply be an added bonus for you to be able to work on yourself. The main difference is that you are not in contact with the Reiki practitioner, so it will not be as intense as if you were sitting in front of one. However, this process can be much more powerful than if you just worked on your body at a distance.

Mentally And Physically

If you are considering a distance healing session, make sure that you do everything you can to prepare yourself mentally and physically. By preparing mentally, it means getting rid of negative thoughts.

Many people have found that getting a massage can help them clear their mind and relax. By practicing some simple relaxation techniques on your own, you can also begin to develop some of those same abilities. Remember that the purpose of the Reiki process is to relax and so you should not fight the process.


Once you have had a few successful sessions, you will notice that the distance healing is no longer so easy. The practitioner will begin to pull your body closer to him or her, causing you to feel a little uncomfortable. It will get to the point where you are almost in a state of hyperawareness. Make sure that you are aware of everything going on around you. In fact, if you are sitting next to a practitioner, you should ask him or her if they feel any discomfort. You can then take a few moments to compose yourself and get ready to do your next session.

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