Two More Distance Reiki Healing Methods You Must Know

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Two more distance Reiki healing methods have been developed by Dr. Carlos Antonio, and they are now available for use by clients all over the world. The first is called the Distance Reiki Level I and it is a six month course for Reiki learners who wish to become instructors. Students can complete their own courses online and receive up to two hours of Reiki training every day. In this course, students will learn the basic techniques as well as other methods used in distance Reiki. In later levels of the program, students will learn about Reiki meditation and will have the opportunity to develop further techniques using distant techniques.

The second distance healing method is known as Reiki Level II and is a nine month course for Reiki learners who are also interested in becoming instructors. In this course, students will study Reiki meditation and will have the opportunity to apply them to distant techniques. It also includes a one-month internship at an oriental clinic that practices Reiki. Students can complete their own courses online and receive up to four hours of Reiki training each day.

Goal Of Two More Distance Reiki Healing Methods

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The goal of these two distance healing methods is to teach students everything that they need to know in order to successfully apply the knowledge to various distances. The distance method was developed as an alternative to the traditional Reiki sessions. Traditionally, students would take Reiki sessions that lasted for two hours and only treated two people at a time. In addition, Reiki sessions could be spread out over many days and the number of people being treated would not necessarily be the same each time. With the distance healing methods, students will be able to treat larger groups of people in a shorter period of time, without compromising the quality of the treatment.

How Distance Reiki Healing Methods Work?

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These methods use techniques based on the level of advancement that a student has reached. This is done to help keep the learning curve at a constant, rather than a gradual decrease in intensity. This helps to provide a method of treatment that will always be appropriate for the situation. In some cases, the level of expertise required can be challenging for some people. Two more distance Reiki healing methods offer additional levels of training for students.

One of the additional methods involves the use of Reiki symbols. This symbol is placed on the palm of the patient’s hand before the session and can then be transferred to the practitioner during the healing session. The symbol can be transferred on the skin if the practitioner so desires. It can also be used to provide additional distance between the practitioner and the patient.

A further technique involves an exchange of energy. This can be done between two different points on the body or on the hands and feet. The energy exchanged will be dependent upon the degree of advancement that the student has achieved. The additional level of Reiki symbol used will determine which point on the body is used.

Additional Methods Of Reiki Treatment

There are additional methods of Reiki treatment available as well. These additional methods are often beyond the reach of a student practicing Reiki in person. This is why distance is frequently sought by those who wish to practice the healing art. For these individuals, online classes can provide the training that is needed in order to master distance techniques. All distance methods are based on the same foundation of laying the foundation for energy to flow through the body.


The foundation for distance healing methods can be broken down into the three basic layers of Reiki. This helps to explain the difference between Reiki and other forms of distance healing. These layers are the chakras, chakra system and base body. Each layer is important to the other in terms of increasing the overall effectiveness of Reiki. Each layer is also important for determining the specific healing that occurs when Reiki is used.

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