Use Science Fiction Example to Create Your Own Post Medical Term Story

pseudo medical term

Pseudo medical term has become a popular term today. It is actually a catch all word for words that are not medical, but used to explain or otherwise make a statement about something that is called a disease, illness, or condition. A pseudo medical term is usually used by insurance companies when they are denying or adjusting a policy. This is because of an obvious mischaracterization of the patient. The term is usually placed over a condition without defining what the condition is.

Acne As An Example

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A perfect example would be ‘acne’. This is a common ailment, which is easily defined. So, why use a pseudo medical term? Most insurance companies use this as a way to deny coverage because they think it is not a medical condition. Here is an example: “Acne does not cause death, but is commonly found among teenagers.”

How would you memorize this? You could say it out loud, or say it to your medical reference team: “So, based on this information, it appears that your coverage is being denied”. That is assuming everyone on your reference team is able to say: “Aha! This is clearly a post adolescent/pre adult term prefix meaning”.

What if someone on your team doesn’t understand this? How would you proceed? You could simply repeat the phrase over again, or use your memory to jog your brain into remembering it. Now, this is assuming all people on your team have good memory. If not, then I recommend you download video shows on the internet that explain: How To Memorize a Medical Term Or Phrase, and also shows exactly how to say it in full sentences.

Make Sure Your Child Healthy Enough To Attend Class

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Download video shows on the internet. Watch each one of them. In each one, there will be someone that has studied medical terminology, and knows the meaning behind the prefixes. Each one has been found to help memory in memorizing medical terminology, and also to aid in the creation of sentences that make sense.

Now that you know the importance of learning and studying the prefixes of medical terminology, how will you memorize them? The answer is simple: Download Video Shows on the internet. Memorizing prefixes is not difficult once you have access to the proper tools. You can download video from anywhere that offers this, including social networking sites. Simply go to a site like YouTube and type in “medical terminology” to see what comes up.

Child Care Programs Through Local Organizations

Once you see what is available, memorize as many of the prefixes as possible. Memorize the medical terminology of words like “toast” (meaning to speak), “penis,” “cat,” and “cancer.” If you see the word ” FARLux,” memorize that word because it means “penis laxative.” This is just one example of helping you to remember the meaning of medical terminology. Once you learn the meaning of the prefixes, you will also learn words like “dentist,” “counselor,” “psychologist,” and many others.

Last Words

You don’t have to have the scientific background that a doctor does in order to use the pre medical term story in your own defense. All you need is a little bit of creativity and perseverance to make things work for you. Think about this: Most doctors don’t wear white shirts, and neither do most scientists. So what? That doesn’t mean that scientists can’t wear white shirts or that doctors can’t have white hair! When you read a good premedical term story, it can give you an extra boost when you need it most, and it doesn’t matter whether you are acting out a scene from a science fiction movie or a real life event.

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