What Are the Main Benefits of Reiki

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There is a new earth-shaking healing modality called Reiki, and everyone is now wanting to know about it. It’s a non-physical technique that enables you to harmonize your mind, body, and soul in a very deep and profound way. I first heard about it while watching Oprah. Elaine Hamilton was talking about her book entitled “The Science of Getting You Noticed.” It’s all about opening the chakras and Reiki does look like it’s the next big thing.

When I watched the interview with Elaine, she talked about Reiki and talked about how it could help people with the emotional health issues that they face. She talked about the people who visit Reiki healing centers to recover from alcoholism, drug addiction, and other addictions. It can help in the areas of social isolation, depression, and stress. It can even help people get over their fear of social situations and get out into the public arena again. It has been shown to reduce stress levels and it can relieve symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, which is another one of the emotional health issues that Reiki can help. It can be a great cure for some diseases.

Reiki Alternatives

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When I first heard about this new healing modality, I was a little skeptical. It doesn’t really have anything to do with personal growth and when you talk about personal growth, you’re talking about becoming more compassionate, appreciative, and understanding of yourself. But after doing some research on the internet, I discovered that Reiki is not really a religion. It is actually an effective tool that can be used for self-development purposes. It’s a powerful yet non-invasive tool for personal development.

Reiki alternatives don’t promote any kind of spirituality. They are simply tools for healing that incorporate meditation, movement, and the laying on of hands. You can use Reiki in conjunction with other alternative healing modalities such as massage, acupressure, chiropractic medicine, and meditation. It is completely safe and without adverse side effects. However, if you are pregnant or have certain medical conditions, you should consult your doctor before starting Reiki.

One of the most appealing things about Reiki is that it brings awareness to your physical, mental, and emotional health. It’s non-invasive and very gentle. It’s also known as a holistic healing technique, because it promotes total wellness and health, rather than focusing on a narrow symptom. This is what sets Reiki apart from other alternative healing modalities. Reiki promotes total mind and body health.

A Much Ado

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People who have experienced Reiki say that it can bring about a feeling of peace, relaxation, and well-being. It can help you deal with pain, stress, depression, and anxiety. A good Reiki healer can alleviate the negative impact an illness can have on your life and the quality thereof. Reiki can heal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual illnesses and issues. When used in conjunction with other alternative healing modalities such as acupuncture, the effects can be enhanced. People who have found it to be an effective therapy for healing say that they feel more relaxed, balanced, relieved, stress-free, and have improved health, immune system, and well-being.

The healing process with Reiki involves a direct transfer of energy from the Reiki healer to the patient. Some of the different types of Reiki are Shiatsu, Swedish, and deep tissue. You can find all three of these methods being taught at various colleges or healing clinics. Before you decide which type of alternative healing modality is best for you, try to visit a few and see which one feels most comfortable and most true for you. Many people have found that when they practice on themselves first, their immediate comfort and sense of well-being can be evident within minutes.

Bottom Line

Reiki has been proven safe and free of adverse effects by both medical and alternative healing specialists. For best results, do not attempt to administer Reiki on yourself. Always consult your doctor or health care provider before attempting any alternative healing technique. With a little practice, you will soon find that the wonderful benefits of Reiki outweigh its disadvantages.

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