What You Should Know About Reiki Meditation

reiki meditation

Reiki is an ancient Japanese term, meaning life energy. In 1920 a Japanese Buddhist monk Mikao Yusui created meditation based on ancient natural healing techniques. This form of meditation is known as Reiki Meditation.

Origin Of Meditation

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It is also said that this Meditation was originally originated in ancient India, its proof is also found in Atharva Veda which is the oldest record of Indian mysticism. The basic belief of Reiki is that an individual’s emotional and spiritual vibrations are interlinked and that by influencing these vibrations positively, one can achieve spiritual and physical well being. For this reason there are many symbols used during a Reiki meditation. These symbols have different meanings in different cultures and religions. Some of these symbols have their own significance and are used in order to attune the practitioner to the universal life energy.

First of all let us have a look at the Reiki meditation symbols. A Reiki symbol is actually a color picture or symbol. There are several of these symbols in Reiki meditation and they are known as Reiki symbols. Some of the most common Reiki symbols are the rainbow, the wheel, the peacock feather, the Hamsa crystal, the nine-pointed star, the Lotus flower, the coral fish, the dragon banner and also the symbol of the jewel. In order to activate your chakras you must first meditate upon these symbols. When you do this, your chakras will be opened and filled with positive energy.

Usui Power Symbol

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Another symbol used in Reiki meditation is the Usui Power Symbol. The Usui Power Symbol is actually a color picture. There are also several colors which represent the different chakras. Each color has a specific meaning associated with it. For example, white means healing, red means penetrative and blue means centering. As you learn to meditate upon these colors you will learn how to bring the best parts of your being into your daily routine.

One of the most important parts of Reiki meditation involves placing your hands around your heart and then placing your index finger and thumb together. This will help you to create a feeling of connection with all the parts of your body. Start placing your fingers carefully around your heart. Do this for about five minutes and when you feel that you have reached your full potential, close your eyes.

Using Reiki Symbols

Another important aspect of Reiki meditation involves using reiki symbols without using your mind. By doing this you will be able to achieve the same results as a mind based meditation technique such as the placebo effect. This is because when you are not in a stressful situation, your brain is more likely to focus on nothingness.

Final Words

Reiki meditation is a wonderful way to connect yourself to the infinite intelligence that exists within yourself. In doing so, you will find that you are capable of making positive changes in your life when it comes to both your physical and emotional well being. By learning more about this type of meditation, you will be able to see how the practice not only has healing benefits, but it can have benefits for your emotional and spiritual development as well. Reiki symbols are used during the meditation session in order to help the practitioner as well as the patient experience a deeper sense of connection and harmony. The symbols have different symbols that represent different aspects of the nature.

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